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1 - Universe of Opportunities

2 - Roadmap to Success

3 - Robust & Reliable Business Model

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2 - Roadmap to Success

Build a Roadmap to Success

In this phase the opportunities are screened, evaluated and prioritized, and the platform development and commercialization roadmap (build-up and integration of technologies, products, services, other competencies) is defined. A key deliverable from the second phase is a documented business case and 1-3 year implementation roadmap which enables the defined objectives to be achieved, and the team can commit to.


Using proven tools and approaches the team will:

  • Use a Fit-Attractiveness methodology to evaluate and prioritize opportunities identified in the previous Universe of Opportunities phase. This includes defining with the client the criteria used to assess the fit to the existing business and the attractiveness
  • Develop a description and estimated costing of the modular platform of technologies, products, services and other competencies required to exploit the opportunities and meet the relevant customer and partner needs
  • Build the business and investment case for presentation and approval. This will outline a preliminary Robust & Reliable Business Model to be refined in the next phase

If exploiting the opportunities requires the acquisition of new competencies, assets and resources, a separate project description can be prepared by the team.

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