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MMG Zurich

The Morgan & Morgan Group (MMG) originates from a small law firm established in 1923 in Panama, and which grew to be the largest law firm in Central America.


MMG has today became a multi-jurisdictional organization with 20 subsidiaries spanning three continents, offering a wide array of expertise – legal counseling, tax advice, corporate formation & management, estate planning, wealth planning, investment & business advisory, and philanthropy advisory – serving both private and corporate clients around the world.


MMG Zurich dates back to 1980, when Mr. Rogelio Tribaldos-Alba was appointed Consul General of the Republic of Panama in Zurich. He established a Panamanian corporation with a branch office in Zurich that was integrated into MMG in 1989. Mr. Tribaldos-Alba became a Senior Partner of MMG and is currently acting as Chairman of MMG Zurich.

Under the leadership of Mr. Daniel Tribaldos, son of Mr. Rogelio Tribaldos-Alba, MMG Zurich continued to evolve with the addition of two new companies founded in 2013: MMG Wealth Ltd. and MMG Economics & Research Ltd.


Strategic Cooperation between MMG Zurich & ClusterBridge

ClusterBridge supports MMG Zurich to provide international business development services to its clients. Equally, MMG Zurich’s services are made available to ClusterBridge’s clients.


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