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Christian Baumgartner
Senior Advisor

Christian Baumgartner is an experienced international management advisor with more than 20 years experience of serving large clients across Europe, mainly active in financial services, telecom and the high tech industries. He was one of the founding partners of Accenture in Switzerland and took on various managing partner roles. In 2006, Christian decided to become an independent business advisor focused on serving the needs of the owners and management of small and medium sized enterprises. In 2012 he teamed up with Alan Hutchison, allowing them to leverage their combined expertise, experience and extensive networks.

Christian has a Master’s degree in business and administration (
MBA) from the University of Lausanne. After graduation he spent 2 years in investment banking, prior to starting his consulting career with Andersen Consulting. He is able to work with teams at all levels in the organization. His recognized competencies include business development and commercial management, business strategy development and implementation, corporate finance and investment management, organizational design and change management, business process design and optimization, and information and IT strategy development. 

Christian is pragmatic and goal oriented. He advised and supported executives at international companies of different sizes. He contributed in ensuring success of mission critical projects, at all stages from strategy to execution. Today he has also minority shareholdings in some SMEs and provides governance support.

He has extensive experience in
 large project planning and management within large global organizations, as well as with SMEs and their governance. 

Christian is based with his family in the canton of Zug, Switzerland, speaks German, French and English fluently, and is a passionate golf player. 

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