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Christopher Hutchison
Business Development Consultant

Christopher Hutchison is a business development consultant at ClusterBridge, acting in parallel as the company’s marketing manager.

Prior to joining ClusterBridge, Christopher built experience in Switzerland as a business analyst with an early stage technology company, and as a junior financial analyst with a private equity advisory firm, where the work covered a range of private equity activities including building corporate development strategies, writing and preparing business plans and investment memos, in-depth market analysis, use and analysis of financial statements, business credit analysis, and promoting projects to potential investors. 

In parallel to working for ClusterBridge, Christopher is completing a BSc. in Economics and Management with London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) on a part-time, remote basis. Being forward thinking he believes that combining work experience with undergraduate education is the best way to build the necessary competencies and experience to be successful in the long term. In 2010 he completed a CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting, and is currently completing a Harvard Business School-affiliated Graduate Certificate from the Center for Economic Strategy and Competitiveness, accredited by Sofia University.

Displaying business acumen at an early age, Christopher spent school summer vacations building work experience with a multi-generation private bank. Alongside completing his schooling at the International School of Geneva, he co-directed a youth theatre production involving 120 volunteer workers, creating a show to be remembered as well as an important profit for charity. He was the student representative of the school’s budget committee, a founding member of the Committee for Sustainable Development, and Editor in Chief of the school newspaper.

Since joining ClusterBridge has contributed to client projects and actively supports Alan and Christian in building the business.

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