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Innovating the Future

1 - Universe of Opportunities

2 - Roadmap to Success

3 - Robust & Reliable Business Model

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Innovating the Future

A proven solution: Innovating the Future

Based on a framework developed over the last decade, ClusterBridge’s Innovating the Future is a proven facilitated process used to support clients throughout the complete business development cycle, allowing them to quickly and effectively identify new, viable and profitable business development projects and build a business development roadmap. The process optimally leverages the availability of all persons who need to be involved, without overly distracting them from their existing responsibilities.


During the Innovating the Future process ClusterBridge provides proven tools and methodologies, but if there are specific similar tools already accepted within the client these could also be used to provide continuity and familiarity. Experience has shown that the tools themselves are less important than the way they are used, and certainly less important than the commitment of the team to the overall process.


A typical Innovating the Future project can be 6 – 9 months in duration, normally constructed in 3 phases (Universe of Opportunities, Roadmap to Success, Robust & Reliable Business Model), with review milestones at the end of each phase ensuring alignment with the client’s goals.

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