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ClusterBridge Contribution

ClusterBridge brings to clients the experience of working across multiple industries and geographies with companies of different sizes and structures. Apart from completing stated services and deliverables, ClusterBridge also brings an external, independent and impartial perspective on challenges, opportunities and issues, challenging and facilitating the thinking and ideas of the client team.

During a mandate ClusterBridge stimulates the creative process and provides appropriate tools and methods, as well as examples, best practices and benchmarks from other industries. It coaches, coaxes and challenges the team to create realistic transparency, generate, evaluate and select viable business development opportunities. ClusterBridge helps to build consensus, buy-in, and commitment, guiding the team towards priorities and specific actions. Finally, ClusterBridge supports the team to test the robustness of the resulting business plans, ensuring with team members that key actions are practical and workable.  

During the implementation of the business development roadmap ClusterBridge can be a sounding board, sparring partner or coach for the business team, or specific individuals within the team. It can also provide interim project or business management support as required.

The ultimate success of any business development initiative requires a qualified, motivated and committed team. Here ClusterBridge also adds value through:

  • Team alignment, building and development
  • Management assessment and skills-planning
  • Decision making facilitation & consensus building
  • Mentoring

In implementing the roadmap ClusterBridge can also support clients to discreetly establish, build and manage relationships with other companies, be they potential customers, collaboration partners, finance providers, sellers or buyers of businesses.

For more information on how ClusterBridge can support you, please feel free to contact us.

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