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Wendy Hutchison

Wendy Hutchison
Marketing & Operations Coordinator

Wendy Hutchison has wide experience in supporting the development and operations of businesses and activities in different sectors.

Born and brought up in Switzerland, Wendy graduated in Law from Geneva University in 1984. She started her career in law, moving into investment banking, working for both French and Japanese institutions. With solid experience in legal, financial and marketing matters, including commercial development and contract negotiation, she most recently worked with residential real estate. After operating for 5 years as a real estate agent she then supported a UK based high-end property advisory company to establish its presence and activities in Switzerland.

With training in social sciences and journalism Wendy has also built up competencies in market research, report writing and translation. Having lived in different countries and worked with companies of various nationalities she has good international and cross-cultural relationship management capabilities. She also has experience as a legal volunteer in NGOs, including a consumer protection organization and an international foundation protecting childrens’ rights.

Within ClusterBridge Wendy provides support in both marketing and operations, including liaison with external collaboration partners.

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